Jubail Badminton Club (JBC) Tournament 2019

Shuttlers soar High!

The KSA-Shuttlers Badminton Club players once again showcased their grit and talent as they reaped yet another accolades during the Jubail Badminton Club (JBC) Tournament 2019 last January 11 & 12 held at JBC court, Jubail City. The said tournament was participated in by different badminton clubs in the kingdom, a 2-day tests of endurance and sportsmanship among enthusiasts.

The following are the declared winners during the tournament with their respective levels:

Runner-up : Gerben Daria & Francis Seballos

Champion : Eric Saturinas & Alvin Alaras
Runner-up : Clark Bote & Paul Seballos

Runner-up : Peppy Edimar & Roughjie Cortes

To everyone who has participated and showed the love for the game can attest that in every victory makes a player strive harder, in every defeat makes a player more resilient.

We are family. We share the same passion. We are shuttlers.

Serve. Lift. Smash. Never give up!


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