KSASBC 1st Badminton Tournament 2018






Raymond 056 934 0674 / Leo 057 037 4594



Rules and Regulations

  1. Registration will start at 08:00 AM. Attached game schedule will be strictly followed.
  2. Players must be available on the designated date and time stated in the tournament schedule. Request for specific game time/schedule will not be entertained. A 5-minute waiting time will be allotted to players for each game schedule, game forfeiture/walkover will be enforced after the 5-min waiting time.
  3. A single elimination format (knockout basis) shall be followed and the point system will be 21-21-11 (no setting, change court at 6 in case of a 3rd set). All final matches will be 21-21-21 (with setting, change court at 11 in the 3rd set).
  4. Draws: Flights 6B, 6A, 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1. In case a certain flight did not reach at least (minimum) four (4) pairs, the said flight will be dissolved or will be combined to the next higher flight.
  5. A maximum of two (2) entries will be allowed for each player (next higher flight for the2nd entry).
  6. Entry fee is SAR 50 per player (SAR 40 for the 2nd entry).
  7. Flight 6 is strictly for beginners only. Winners of all flights in previous Open Tournaments must play in the next higher flight.
  8. Club representatives will be responsible and should make sure that all of their entries are complete, and proper flights are selected prior to submission. Entry cancellations must be submitted at least a day before the tournament schedule to make the necessary schedule adjustments.
  9. The higher rated player shall follow the placement of a pair in a flight.
  10. No substitution of partners will be allowed after the draws/game schedule have been distributed.
  11. KSA SHUTTLERS CLUB and EBC will not be liable for any injuries sustained by any of the participants during the tournament. An injury timeout of 10 minutes will be allotted in case of an injury. Game forfeiture will be given if a player is unable to continue the game after the provided time period.
  12. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the playing area.
  13. Food and drinks are prohibited inside the playing area.
  14. All other rules not stated herewith shall be in accordance with the existing BWF Rules and Regulations.
  15. Disputes must be filed immediately in the Committee Table. The decision of the Tournament Committee will be final.

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